Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

now on GitHub!

Michał, from Poland, sent me a mail yesterday -though my youtube account :P- suggesitng I posted my extension`s code to GitHub.
There's a couple features he'd like to have and he suggested he'll do it himself.
I've never thought about it, but it sounds like a really cool thing to do, so I just did! :D
I'm still getting used to the idea that other people might see the code and freak out, heh, but well, I never said it was a fine piece of software, did I? :)

So If you're readig this and interested, knock yourself out: https://github.com/frenetix/SimpleSelectSearch

Michał's 2 new suggestions where:

  • Option to remove the "search everywhere" link. Fair enough.
  • Have groups of links, so you might want to order your links in a specific way, with sub-folders and sub-sub-folders... Works if you have lots of links... i don't but am ok with it :D

He was also very polite as to offer himself to translate the extension into polish :D nice... remember you can translate it to you own language here: https://crowdin.net/project/simpleselectsearch/invite


Thursday, February 6, 2014

New crowdin project for translation available here

+knutars suggested that i created a project in crowdin so the extension could be translated to other languages more easily... So I just did that!

Check the translation project here

Thanks for helping out!