Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

OMG I got my first donation! :D

In this humble post, I wanted to officially thank Winston K. for his generosity in helping me get cool stuff by donating (see the big donate button at the right of this post...).

Thank you Winston, I really hope other fellow users share your enthusiasm! :D

I'm really happy for the feedback I've been getting... As I said, this I did this extension for myself, mostly, so this is a big bonus.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oops :P

Been breaking stuff lately.

First I tried to use "Open Sans" with my Blogger Template, and broke it... it stills look a bit funky... it seems that if you choose that font on the Advanced Options, it doesn't really work and all you see is an ugly serif font... well... found a way to fix it -need to add the CSS code by hand-, so I'll be doing it soon.

The most important broken stuff is that by trying to fix the %s & %S issue on version 0.1.7 I took the fast track, and "lowercased" the hole search string... which is bad, you know :)

Thanks to Keith for letting me know that I was forcing the whole search string to lower case... now I've fixed it and quick published a fix on version

Sorry about that :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

What's new on v 0.1.7

Long time, no update...

I'm glad I got a few requests... it feels nice to know people use what I did.
I have 3 special thanks for this publication: Ahmed, Damien and Theodor. All three of them are using the extension and contributed to part of what I've updated.

Damien requested a cool thing, that unfortunately for now, I haven't been able to figure out completely:
Have you noticed how the "Search on Google" menu link works?...
I'll try and describe: It has a pretty weird way of opening your search result on a new tab (right next to the original tab), gives it default focus, you close it and then get back to the original page... so it goes back one tab... which is not a standard behavior for tab closing (when you close a tab, you get to the next one).
If instead of closing the new tab, you then move to another tab, and then back to the new one, then the closing behavior applies: the next tab will show up when you close the "new" one...
(mmmh I don't know if you get my meaning, please, try it and you'll get it...)

Well, I tried to imitate the Search on Google's way, but couldn't so far. :(

Opening the results on the next tab is not a big deal. What's complicated is having Chrome remember how to get back to the previous tab...
What I've done so far, is to allow the user to decide where to open the new tab (First, Last, Next Previous)... and if they don't mind a weird config, they can select "Previous" as an option, their new tab will get focus, before the "old" tab... they can read whatever they want, and then close it and get the "next" tab, which is the "old" one :P ugly... but does the trick... hope Damien likes it...

Other stuff I've done on this publication: you'll now get a notice whenever a new update is loaded (the options page will pop-up and the new version id should appear).
Also loved the "Open sans" font on some of the new options pages for Chomre (on Dev version, at least), so I decided to update the font type on the options page... I like it much more now.

Fixed a few typos and minor bugs and finally, I added a "donate" button :)
I don't make a living of this, and as I said before, I built this extension for me, mostly, so I don't expect to earn money out of it... but if you're on a generous mood, and feel like showing your appreciation, now you can do so :) heh...

Well, that's it... here's the full change log, have fun.

New on v 0.1.7

- Added "New tab position" parameter: You can now select where you want your new tabs to open (Thanks Damien, I know this doesn't work exactly as you wanted, but it's something).
- Fixed little bug on "Featured Search Engines" list, where some search engines wouldn't work.
- %s on search URL now supports %S (Thanks Ahmed!)
- Fixed typo on Help (thanks Theodor!)
- Using "Open sans" as a default font for options -nicer, right?-.
- Added Update notification
- New Donate button... I hope you like it :)