Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Minor update: version 0.2.2 is live

Version 0.2.2 went out last night, in silent mode: this means, if you had 0.2.1 you won't notice it updated... This is something suggested by my friend and coworker +Alejandro Charbonnier (Gracias Lalo! :D)

On this release I did only 3 things, I've been busy and will be for a few weeks so I'm not expecting to include any major changes in the next trhee to four months.

The new changes are:

  1. Bug fix: Import/Export feature was not working, and for the looks of it... it hasn't been working for a long while!
    First, thanks to +Alvin Chong for reporting this, and for being so kind and patience -it took me like a month to fix this-, and also to test the fix and send feedback. I really appreciate this!
    Usually, when I'm "on the other side" I do this once in a while, only for a piece of software or service I really appreciate, but not often. So I value the support of users like Alvin who remind me I'm not the only one who likes my extension :D
  2. Included 3 new search engines to the featured list... these I took from Alvin's list (again, thanks!).
    As of the update of the manifest version, I no longer update this Database externally, but pack it within the extension. I might go back to the external web service, once I get the proper SSL certificate to do so -Chrome does not support external website call unless encrypted-.
    I figured it's not worth it.
  3. I now included the version number to the left column of the options page, so you know which version you're dealing with.
That's it... thanks again for the continuous support.