Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Minor update: version 0.2.2 is live

Version 0.2.2 went out last night, in silent mode: this means, if you had 0.2.1 you won't notice it updated... This is something suggested by my friend and coworker +Alejandro Charbonnier (Gracias Lalo! :D)

On this release I did only 3 things, I've been busy and will be for a few weeks so I'm not expecting to include any major changes in the next trhee to four months.

The new changes are:

  1. Bug fix: Import/Export feature was not working, and for the looks of it... it hasn't been working for a long while!
    First, thanks to +Alvin Chong for reporting this, and for being so kind and patience -it took me like a month to fix this-, and also to test the fix and send feedback. I really appreciate this!
    Usually, when I'm "on the other side" I do this once in a while, only for a piece of software or service I really appreciate, but not often. So I value the support of users like Alvin who remind me I'm not the only one who likes my extension :D
  2. Included 3 new search engines to the featured list... these I took from Alvin's list (again, thanks!).
    As of the update of the manifest version, I no longer update this Database externally, but pack it within the extension. I might go back to the external web service, once I get the proper SSL certificate to do so -Chrome does not support external website call unless encrypted-.
    I figured it's not worth it.
  3. I now included the version number to the left column of the options page, so you know which version you're dealing with.
That's it... thanks again for the continuous support.


  1. New feature: could you consider the possibility to also launch the search engines with a keyboard shortcut?
    For me, doing many times same search, it will be faster than right click/menu/submenu.
    Best regards, Nicola

  2. Hey Nicola, thanks for the suggestion. Let me take a look at keyboard shortcuts to see how difficult it might be.
    Do you picture having one keyboard for each search engine? it would be cool if you could define the keyboards yourself, right?