Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New version: 0.2

Hi there!

This must have been the longest time without uploading a new version... shame on me... a buggy version, last one.
There was this one defect, which I'm not really sure why was caused, which had your link order all wrong after having the extension running for a while... Editing any configuration option solved the issue but was a pain... I still don't know why this started happening... the only conclusion I could get to, is that the indexes for the contextual menus were altered after a while, by something else than my extension... so when you clicked on a search link, its index corresponded to an above link, or something like that... messy...
I removed the use of chrome indexes, and now I use an index of my own, saved on the config... I hope I didn't break anything with this.
Another bug was with the default focus option... I broke it on the last version and took me a while to realize... and did never get the message of a bug report, posted on 8/1/2012... apologies to that user.

I've had little time to work on this, I apologize for the delay on my response... I'd love to say it won't take that long next time, but can't promise anything! :D

I'll post a complete list of the changelog on another post... lots of stuf... the worst thing is that the ToDo list is still huge! :P

Thanks again for all the positive feedback, and apologies for the inconveniences.



  1. Excellent! This bug was getting annoying. I was going to contact you about it. Thanks.

  2. Glad I made it in time... which one were you referring to? Would you be able to confirm it works ok for you now?
    It should, but it's worth double checking :)
    Thanks and apologies!

  3. The bug was the disorder of the search functions, which seems to work fine now for me. Thanks!

  4. Hey Inops, that was a real pain. Thanks for letting me know.