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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

0.3.2 is live!

How long it's been! Sorry about that.

Last friday I published 0.3, during the weekend I was notified I broke the "Search everywhere!" option (sorry!) so I posted 0.3.1 with the fix, and then 0.3.2 rolling back some unwanted code that went out with 0.3.1. Messy. Rusty. 

But who cares! 

Here's the change log for all 3 together:

New on v 0.3.2
  - fixed Search Everywhere (broeken in 0.3)
  - new plus sign option
  - new options interface
  - major tech upgrade
  - new "open in incognito" option
  - bug fixes
  - translations to several new language
  - support for special characters in search query (including &)

So I won't go into  much detail, but explain just a few:

Main "under the hood" change affected the Options page: you'll notice some minor design changes, but the main thing is that it's now based in AngularJS & Bootstrap. Result: I'm still a messy coder but code is way better than before.
As said, I'm still mess, there's lots to improve, but this is a huuuuge improvement to the previous code.

The code refactoring allowe me to make a couple of quick improvements: 
  • you can now specify if you want a link to open in an Incognito Window. 
  • Also, some search engines prefer to separating words with the "+" sign instead of spaces. You can now specify that per Search engine.
I hope you like these changes. There's more coming!

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