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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last build published on chromeextensions.org

So yesterday, following a friend's advice (gracias @CostasDaniel!), I published my last build ( on chromeextensions.org.

I still can't believe that in less than a day my extension was downloaded over 70 times... That's 50% more than the amount of times it was downloaded from Chrome Web Store... in a hole month! ! !

It might have to do with how well indexed this site is on Google's search engine. It's hard to believe it ranks better than Google's own web store...
Maybe, another reason is that new uploads are immediately featured on the homepage, which doesn't happen on Google's extension database.
That's a risk on itself, having spammers appear on your front page... in fact, before my app was published, there was a lot of Polish spam posts >.> (I'm guessing it was spam, I can't really read Polish)

Anyway, featuring recent updates is the best way to motivate new publishers to keep on doing it. I wish more on Chrome's Web Store worked that way. Today there's more strategically picked content, which is OK, but won't help dev beginners. That doesn't sound like the Google I like...

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