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Monday, June 27, 2011

My never-ending ToDo List

Ever since I started coding this extension, I'm thinking of ways to improve it. Seems to me it will always be a work in progress... I don't mind that at all :)

Here's a list of the main features I'm still missing:

  1. Cloud sync: that's the first one... everyone that uses this extension it requests it... the thing is that I'm betting on Google for a way to provide devs to easily store the local variables for each extension on the cloud. There are a few tricks I could use now, like storing data on bookmarks and then using that info from synced bookmarks. I don't like it... it assumes you'll be syncing your bookmarks... There's another way, using some other cloud services, but it all seems a bit messy for me... I'll wait a bit more to implement this one
  2. In the mean time, I'll consider a settings export-import feature.
  3. Click tracking: I'm already tracking clicks on Google Analytics, for statistical analysis purposes.
    - My next goal is to inform users how many times they clicked on each menu link, so they can know and decide which is the best way to sort their links.
    - Naturally, this is followed by an Auto-sort mechanism that would constantly re-sort your links in order of usage. I'm not sure how many people will like this, so it will definitively be an optional one :)
    - The 3 most used links will probably the ones by default when the extension is installed for the first time
  4. Featured Search Engines stored on Local Storage: that list of URLs is always downloaded from my website. It's no big deal, but I'd like to keep a local copy of it, so whenever it's proper, I'll compare it to the one on my server, and if there are any difference, I can then let the users know there are new suggestions for them. It will also be an opt-out option.
  5. Open tabs in background: Today you can decide if you want the search results to be opened on the same tab you are or in a new one... sometimes I hate it when the new tab gets focus... just because my bandwidth is slow, and I want to keep reading whatever I'm reading before the new tab is fully loaded. Maybe I'll be able to tap on the on-load event from the new tab and have it automatically get focus after it loaded... that might look weird... I'll have to test it :) (any slooooow website to test it with? ;)
  6. Refactor the "my search engines" list: at first it was only one input text with all the comma separated values on one field for names and another one for URLs... nasty... from there to what it is today, let's say it improved a bit :D... the thing is that the code behind it is not as -ehem- elegant as it might be... (that's what happens when you build one of those grids from scratch with no clear idea of what will it be doing next)
    So I'll re-do it from scratch... no rush with that yet :D I'm the only one that will know it's there :P
    I'll probably rethink the sorting method at that time, because @siux666 doesn't like it and he doesn't know why :)
  7. An alternative for the double click on the Featured links list: I don't like it... it was the easy way out of that grid component -jqGrid, BTW, excellent-... I'll have to think about what I'd like the most... probably an "actions" menu that will appear on a row hover event.
  8. Pasting a URL containing "TESTSEARCH" will automatically replace the text to %s: that one is for Germán, the designer behind all the icons/logo :)

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