Chrome extension which allows you to right click on selected text and search on multiple sites at the same time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why did I bulid this extension?

It's simple: first of all, because I'm a lazy old bastard, who loves to lay on his couch, browsing the web on his Chrome, and moving as little muscles as possible.
Hence, I just want to select some text with my mouse, right click and search somewhere else than Google.
I use IMDB and Wikipedia a lot, almost as much as Google.

If I'm at work, I will probably use Chrome's omni-box + TAB search... It's just perfect!

But when I'm on my couch, I'm as lazy as they come :P

I found some extensions that did that, but didn't like them... the options pages where too complicated, and since I had already done some extensions coding at my work, I decided to create my very first own Chrome Extension.

I find coding a break from daily work, and Chrome extension's coding is plain simple and excellent. Plus I get to practice my JavaScript + jQuery very limited knwoledge.

So that's it... hope you like it... I've been tweaking it constantly ever since I first published it. Have some friends that do some beta testing for me, and have a long ToDo list for it.

I'll be posting here the progress, and of course, If you want so make some suggestions and comments about its features, you'll be more than welcome.

Besides, this is what I like the most, I am tracking it's usage. I can't know (because I don't want to) who's doing what, nor what are they looking for, but I can know which search engines are the most used.
So I'll be posting some interesting statistics. For example, I found out that the first two weeks since published, the most used search URL was a porn video site in Italy... very amusing :)
Not so amusing was the mental image that produced one of my friends, when he commented the advantages of browsing the web one-handed while watching porn sites... that was completely unnecessary >.>


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