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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Domo ^.^

Ok, so I sometimes check URL referrals to my site and this one caught my eye... it seems to be a description, help and detailed information on my extension... written on Japanese! :D nice!
They even took the time to post some URLs to use on Japanese sites (I'll add them to my links list)...
The screenshot, with Japanese links on my extension, also surprised me since it's got a gazillion links!... i wonder how many links does everyone use? y only use 4 or 5 links... I might run a poll about it, maybe there's something I'm not considering when someone uses many links?

I cannot tell who posted this, so I don't have anyone in particular to say thanks... so at least, thank you GigaFree.net!

There's a few other places where the extension is mentioned... but this of course, is the coolest... cuz it's in Japanese, obviously.

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