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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Other reviews on content farms

So, these guys from Softango have this review of my extension, an old version, but I'm grateful.
They rank ok on google, so better for me. I don't really mind it's an old version they are promoting, since the options page will redirect users with older versions to the official Google web-store to get the latest one.

What I don't get is how they say it's been downloaded +14k times... It's not. I'm sure about it. I would know!

Why would they be wrong about it? I know they are in only for the traffic...
Their review is not that good, they even copied some text from my description and forgot to edit it. Even that, I don't really mind...
But lying like that on the downloads.... Does not feel right...

In comparison with the guys from Softpedia, who had the decency to email me letting me know that they where promoting my extension, and that if did I want to make any comments or text edits I was welcome to... these guys from Softango need to learn how to deal with the software developers.
Of course we'll (at least me) be more than willing to cooperate with them, it's in our best interest! And we'll try and be the best content providers we can...

For any content farm, what else could they ask for?

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